Church Mailbox: Where do I find Good (Free) Christian Resources Online?

The internet is an enormous, scary place.  It’s no wonder then that the #1 question I get asked the most by people at my church is where to look for reliable Christian material online.  That’s a loaded question to handle, and I’ll break it apart into sections for you to pick what you’re looking for.


jmillerJeffery Miller – Down to earth family pastor but also a very talented bible teacher.  Currently studying for his doctorate and written for several major Christian publications (Zondervan aka NIV bibles).  When I preached on Song of Songs, I “borrowed” from some of his sermons. Written more articles on every book in the Bible than I’ve ever seen.  And he’s comparatively young for his age!  You can find his writings on here and video sermons on his church website here.

For mainstream male speakers I’d recommend include Ravi Zacharias (letmypeoplethink), John Piper (AskPastorJohn), Charles Stanley (intouchministries), Chuck Swindoll, Timothy Keller, Nick Vujicic.  But I think Jeffery Miller is an underrated gem.


Sue Bohlin – Long standing mother. website administrator, and bible teacher for both and  I’ve enjoyed talking with her personally when she was a forum administrator on  She has been gifted with immense wisdom when it comes to parenting and relationships.  You can read her articles on here or just check out


For mainstream female speakers I’d recommend Beth Moore, any of the female hosts on 100 Huntley Street, and (with some moderation) Joyce Meyers.  There aren’t that many female speakers that I listen to often so I don’t have much to say here.

As a shoutout to the C&MA denomination I belong to, you can listen to Ravi Zacharias (former), Sunder Krishnan, Joni Eareckson Tada (Paraplegic), ken shigematsu, A.W. Towzer, and Paris Reedhead.

There’s just way too many speakers to choose from and preferences

Study Guides

193768I can’t stress how useful this website is for resources.  Yes, everything here is FREE.  The quality of the teachers and pastors here are top notch.  They all are seminary trained, evangelical, and experienced in their  ministries.  Simply google “ Song of Songs” will give you a plethora of guides to choose from for just a specific book in the bible.  Everything I’ve seen pales in comparison to the treasure of information that’s here.  I have learned greatly from the study guides of Bob Deffinbaugh, J. Hampton Keathley, and Steven Cole to name a few.

For those who want to jump deep into Theology I recommend you look at “The Theology Program” where all the training videos are available for free here.  I went through it all myself and it deepened my faith (ultimately quitting my job to do ministry).  If memorize all of this, you’re ready for Bible school 🙂


John Neufeld

I recommend listening daily to Dr. John Neufeldt from “Back to the Bible” Canada at:  He’s full of grace, understands the role of the Holy Spirit, has a doctorate, good track record, and is one of the best speakers I have listened to as of lately.  Did I mention he’s also a Canadian to boot?  I listen to him daily radio at 9:00-9:30 am on Joy 1250 AM when I’m driving to work (you can find an appropriate time slot here), and I’m sure you’ll be blessed if you listen to him too.



gotquestions-org-logo is great for you to cycle through every day.  Whenever a question comes to you about the Christian faith, rehearse the answer in your mind and then compare it with whats on  My only complaint here is their take on spiritual gifts (cessationalism), but otherwise its a very biblical resource to get fast answers.

logo-2014-whtTracking persecution in the world helps open your eyes and enhance your prayer life.  You can easily subscribe to the monthly voice of the martyrs newsletter for free here.

61xaofubhkl-_sy300_If you support the state of Israel (as I do) and want a Messianic perspective of Christianity, you can get read the monthly publication of Israel My Glory published every two months here .  I normally just flip to the last article written by “zvi” – a Jewish Christian who lost everything in the holocaust but re-gained an entire heritage after coming to know Christ.  I wrote a short tribute to him on my facebook account here.



Copyrighted materials don’t come free, but there’s always a (legal) loop hole to get around things .  Using Google Books usually give you a sneak preview of about 10% of most mainstream books.  I’d recommend starting here to read up on Christian books that you’re considering buying first.

bayview-overheadBut here’s another hidden gem.  You can also come into the Tyndale library (near Finch station) and read many Christian books for free!  In fact, if sometimes there’s an option to download an electronic book as a .pdf and take it home with you.  That’s right, and it’s completely legal.  The only drawback is the distance to get over to North York, but hey you get what you pay for.

As for commentaries, concordances, bible dictionaries, illustrated bibles, lexicons – anything that you’ll find online related to these are largely outdated because all the good stuff is copyrighted.  I’ll recommend purchasing them in a separate post.



This one should be a no brainer, but most people are already quick searching on to find bible verses.  This usually suffices for all your needs although I have found the interface a bit cumbersome now considering how many translations you can pick from.  Another drawback is that the NIV version it now uses is the 2011 version (they discreetly took off the 1984 version sadly).


For those studying at seminary or want more side-to-side bible resources I HIGHLY recommend the NET bible at  You can quickly cross reference two different bible versions, read up on related articles to the passage, see the original greek and hebrew (with highlights!) and most importantly, translator as well as study notes carefully placed throughout the text.  A very underrated resource many don’t know about.



I don’t use much on my cellphone, as I’m running an old Samsung Galaxy S1.  The only thing I really use it for are to “google” up Bible verses.  I also have the ESV bible, and NetBible to help me with multiple translations.  But that’s all.


Christian News pretty much comes the same from any side of the planet.  But I use a combination of Google, Facebook (whatever friends post), The Christian PostCharisma News, and Patheos.

Sites to Avoid

Below is a general guideline bad Christian websites to avoid

  • Poorly designed, looks like it was written in the 90’s, out of date fonts, cheesy animated graphics
  • Negativity – A website that focuses on bashing certain issues (political, doctrinal).  Legalistic about do’s and don’ts
  • Denies doctrinal essentials – deity of Christ, Triune God, salvation by faith alone
  • Health and wealth gospel – focuses on  how to get rich and live an easy life

Church Mailbox is a series where I answer questions sent to me by Rouge Valley Church .  

Have anything else to add?  Please leave a comment below.


3 thoughts on “Church Mailbox: Where do I find Good (Free) Christian Resources Online?

  1. is a pretty popular and helpful website for resources. Tim Challies posts a daily article called “A La Carte” which highlights notable book deals on Amazon, notable news articles, and notable blog posts from other authors. He also periodically posts book reviews. He’s also a Torontonian (not that it should make a difference!).

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