What’s the rush?

There’s so much you can learn about someone’s personality by the way they drive.  Do they talk to themselves when they drive?  Do they listen to music while they drive?  If so, what kind and do they insist on playing music?  Do they comment on their driving decisions?  Do they complain if someone in ahead of them drives to slow?   What about if that person drives too fast?  Do they complain when they hit a traffic jam?  Are they focused on the road or more nonchalant?  Do they drive over the speed limit?  Do they like to cut off others or slow the car like a turtle and block them off?

I believe many of us have taken the “rushed” personality of driving.  That is, we drive like a madman in a desperate attempt to get from A to B in as little time as possible and as cheap as possible.  We feel at ease when our cars are filled with noise and clamour from the radio/media as well as our fellow passengers.  It’s like we’re programmed to drive like a Lexus Superbowl commercial following google maps.


It’s all about the glamour man

I get the most kicks out of this when I see two cars slam their gas pedals at the sight of a green light.  It’s as though everyone’s in a race to hit the 70 KM/H (that’s 43 Miles) street limit as fast as possible.  What’s the point of that if you’re gonna face a red light that will slam you to a halt, killing your breaks in the process?  Why hurt your engine and waste gas when cruising is usually a more efficient option?  I equally find it halarious when I get honked at for driving AT the speed limit on either lane (I’m usually 10 over, but I try not to push my old ’98 civic) as if I’m not aggressive enough on the road.  Whatever.  I drive auto with one hand on the wheel and the other out the window.  As long as I’m driving legally and not in a way to disrupt the majority, I’ll never push a car to its limits.  I have driven at 160 KM on the highway before, but only once and never again.

What’s the rush?  I wonder how many of us would feel threatened to drive for a whole hour alone without any music.  All that would be left would be the wind and empty time.  What if we drove with our friends and never said a word until we got off at our destination?  It’s an exercise that’s worth trying if you want to put your patience to the limit.  Why are we so consumed with filling our life with distractions?

I’ve noticed these symptoms with people who lived rushed lives (I’ll call them “rushed people”).  Tell me if you agree:

  • Never stops talking
  • Uses a lot of “filler” words in conversation (um/well/basically/you know)
  • No subtlety or sensitivity when talking
  • Not very patient
  • Not very attentive toward others
  • Not a good listener (talking “behind” a person rather than “to” them)
  • Complains about everything
  • Always on the go, never stops to do nothing
  • Always moving, jittering around
  • Always ordering people around

Hanging around rushed people is never fun.  It’s like sitting next to lightning bolt – in and out in a flash, you never get to know them!  But it also signifies something deeper.  It shows a lack of inner peace, a lack of trusting in God, that they have not learned how to slow their outward life because their inward spiritual life is rushed and in shambles.  Do you demonstrate a life that is rushed, or a life that is at peace?  Let me suggest just two Bible verses from a famous Psalm for you to meditate on the next time you’re driving:

The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.
He makes me lie down in green pastures.
He leads me beside still waters.
He restores my soul. – Psalm 23

Is he your shepherd today?  If so, have you spent time to lie down in green pastures with him?  Has he taken you to the still living waters of Jesus Christ?  Has he restored your soul from the worries of life, to the peaceful arms of our Saviour?


2 thoughts on “What’s the rush?

  1. I definitely think a lot of the impatient lifstyle we lead is forced upon us/conditioned by marketing/secular world, e.g. faster internet connection, shorter wait times, expecting sooner results. And because of this, we suffer with throwing tantrums, high blood pressure, road rage, violent urges or self-entitlement.

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