What Books are you Reading?

There are few things I leisurely spend my money on and books are one of my highest spenders.  The two categories of books I enjoy reading most are missionary autobiographies (crazier the better) and Christian cultural books (more mainstream the better).  The screenshot in this postion is what I’ve bought and read the past year, each which I’d love some day to review on their own.

After work at Tyndale you’ll usually see me around the library.  That’s when I’m in reading mode and going through whatever the Lord leads me to.  Usually, it’s a commentary for sermon preparation but that is not always the case.  I’ve also dug up books on relatioships, marriage, pre-marital counselling, catholicism, prayer, homosexuality issues, missionary testimonies, holocaust, denominational newsletters, biblical archaeology news, the gamut runs pretty wide and believe it or not I’m very interested in all of these topics.

There’s also (some) old books that I like too!  The British classics of the 1700-1900’s are of my particular enjoyment.  I usually watch the movies though before reading the books and I have no where near read or much educated about these ancients such as: Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Jekyl and Hyde, Portrait of Dorian Grey, Jane Austin series, North and South, Tess of d’urbervilles – whatever I watch on the UK BBC, usually I get into the book thereafter.

I do buy a LOT of books about North Korea, whether Christian or secular.  If you’re interested to learn about the subject matter, I’d be happy to talk or lend you any of the books that I have.  Having met several North Koreans (including missionaries) and seeing their plight as the most oppressed people group speaks volumes to my soul.  Learning about what goes on there helps marginalize my own problems a great deal.  We really don’t know how insignificant our problems are and how grateful we have been blessed by the Lord until we see what happens in persecuted countries such as these.  I could talk hours upon hours about this topic, but I digress.  There is ONE book I never got a hardcopy of and would love to have on this matter – it’s called “tears of my soul” http://www.amazon.com/The-Tears-Soul-Hyun-Hee/dp/0688128335 which talks about a North Korean spy who blew up a plane in the 1980’s killing 115 people instantly, later getting caught, and trying to undo the mistakes of being brainwashed.  Absolutely riveting and true story many 1st generation South Koreans have not forgotten even today.

1957049In 1987, 115 people were instantly killed when a makeshift pipe bomb was planted on  flight 858 by 2 North Korean spies.  Both attempted suicide after getting caught and 1 miraculously survived.  She was not given the death penalty because the president declared her only a “puppet” of the state.  Later, she would give her life to the Lord and repent of her ways by selling the proceeds of her book to the surviving families.  True story bro.

I want to encourage you to get into the habit of reading books, including the Bible itself.  If you read at least one book a month and reflect on what you’ve just read, I assure that you’ll grow as a person.  Even if you don’t have the time to read an entire book, even a random article on wikipedia can suffice once a week.  If you want to talk about whatever you’ve read, even if it seems silly, I’d be happy to do over a cup of coffee.


One thought on “What Books are you Reading?

  1. Thx for sharing Derek. Always love to have friends who have good boods to suggest. Definitely would check out the Kim Hyun Lee story =)


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